Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Yamaha Mio Soul GT

Yamaha Mio Soul GT

Soul Yamaha GT is designed and engineered by a team Yamaha Indonesia Motor assisted by a team of Yamaha Motor Company in Japan. It took about two years to develop.

The most obvious is of course invisible to the eye. This is related to the external design of Soul Mio GT. Mio soul of this new generation has a more sporty design and mantab, in contrast to the old design that looks less "match" at the head lamp and front body so impressed glaring.

For this new generation, so that the front body plus a large round headlights typical mio soul becomes more narrow and slightly futuristic look harmonious with the design of the body canting front to back.

In terms of safety, do not worry because the mio soul GT is equipped by the application of a magnetic ignition to minimize the destructive ease of a thief in the ignition.

Reported that the gas betotan mio soul GT has a long breath. So is the suspension, soul GT has a suspension is quite hard compared to other variants such as J or mio Mio Fino. This is to menidukung GT mio soul when asked to run at high speed so that the bike be more stable thanks to the application of suspension of this hard character.

Yamaha GT Soul using a type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, and fan-cooled 113 cc capacity. This machine is capable of producing power up to 7.75 PS at 8500 RPM with a round to 8.5 Nm peak torque at 5,000 RPM.

Other interesting features of the GT Soul that makes it unique and no other bike on the speedometer area chronograph inspired by the 3D detail contained in the expensive and famous brand watches for men. Square accent also eight (octagonal bezel) which adds a GT Soul macho.

Mio Soul GT:


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