Sunday, 1 July 2012

Yamaha Mio J

Yamaha Mio J                                                                                    

After launching its newest product is Mio Fino, Yamaha is now re-launched its newest product Mio J. MIO A new product from Yamaha is different from the previous Mio. The most prominent of the Mio J is a machine that already uses injection technology. Yamaha mio j carries Yamaha FI technology which is also called the Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET (YMJET-FI). This technology will make the perfect j Mio, Mio otherwise J will also be more fuel efficient. A MIO will also provide a large selection of colors.

In the market of Indonesia, an estimated price MIO J 13jutaan. Almost the same price as the previous MIO. Yamaha aims to sell as many as 25 Mio A thousand units per month gradually to 50 thousand units per month. Mio A Present in two main variants, "Teenage" and "General", with different consumer segments. Teenage present and is devoted to teens, while Varian General for up to 40 years of age. Each variant offers five attractive color options so that a total of 10 colors.


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